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How to Prepare Effectively for CBSE Class 11 Exam

March 28, 2022

Once students are done with their Class 10 board exam, students take a step back from their studies. When students begin their exam preparation for Class 10, they are under pressure and stress, so Class 11 seems like a welcome change. Class 11 is the most crucial year of schooling. It is the transformation phase for students as they have to deal with the vast syllabus, heavy books, and subjects specific to the stream. After stepping into Class 11, students begin preparing for the Class 12 Board exam. It is very different and challenging from the Class 10 syllabus regarding course content. Class 11 is divided into three streams –  Science, Arts and Commerce. Science stream students will study Fundamental Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths etc. If students choose the Science stream, then the difficulty level gets higher.

Students of Class 11 and 12 should grasp the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, etc., to score better in their Class 11 exam. When students are promoted to standard 11th, Chemistry is entirely different; new ideas are introduced in Maths and Biology and are explained in detail. Also, in Class 11, students need to shift their emphasis from theories to their application. So, Class 11 will be a challenging journey for students.

Students can effectively prepare for their Class 11 exam. To excel in their Class 11 exam, students should begin their exam preparation from their prescribed CBSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology syllabus. Once completing their syllabus, students should start solving previous years’ papers, sample papers, CBSE Class 11 Chemistry notes, Physics notes, etc.

In this article, we have mentioned the points which will guide students about the preparation strategy.

  1. Students should always make sure that they prepare an applicable study strategy before they begin their exam preparation. Making an appropriate study plan will help them distribute equal importance to all the subjects every week. Create a proper timetable according to the difficulty of the subjects.
  2. Once they create a timetable, they start their exam preparation from the prescribed syllabus. The syllabus of all the subjects of their respective stream consists of the complete course structure, marks distribution, and the number of periods allotted to each chapter.
  3. Practice previous years’ question papers and sample papers daily according to the subject’s syllabus. They give students an overview of the exam pattern, weightage of marks, types of questions asked and difficulty level. Sample papers are designed according to the question paper structure. Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers as there is a chance that a few questions might be tweaked and repeated in the final exam.
  4. Students should make sure that they have enough time to revise all the subjects before the Class 11 exam. Revising the complex subject before the exam will help students understand the preparation level and improve their lagging concepts.
  5. Textbooks are considered to be a crucial resource during exam preparation. It helps students to clear their doubts and grasp the concepts quickly. Be thorough with the prescribed subject wise textbooks to confidently write the exam. Teachers also take the help of these textbooks to teach students inside the classroom. It will also help them write all the answers asked from any part of the textbook.

We can conclude this article by saying that students should work hard to score good marks in their Class 11 exam. Students should not make the mistake of taking Class 11 lightly, as it has its significance to get imported to Class 12. So, during preparation, students should have their essential resources ready like CBSE Class 11 Biology notes, previous years’ papers, sample papers, etc.

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